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Did you ever dream as a child of fighting crime as Batman? We are ready and you?
In case of emergency you will have your crime fighting mask, ready to use to follow you on your frenetic adventures.
We have recreated the Batman Mask in this amazing painting capable of bringing back memories of those beautiful moments of youth. Exactly, because this is the aim, to bring you back to waiting for that Saturday morning watching cartoons and waiting for him, BATMAN!
Made entirely by hand, this painting will only embellish your favorite environments. Starting from the famous mask and the colors, everything is designed to remain faithful to the hero.
The black of the night, the electric blue of the cloak and the yellow of the light, represents that much loved cartoon!
The black of the night with yellow represents the solution, Batman is the solution!
The black of the night with the red represents, never make Batman angry!

Mask Material:
Eco-sustainable PLA

Frame material: