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Introducing Winny! It is an absolutely fascinating and unusual teddy bear, capable of giving a unique character to your objects. Its very resistant tray allows you to place literally anything on it.  

This teddy bear is perfect for enhancing your favorite environments, being super beautiful, super useful and super awesome. The watchword for him is "Super", and it couldn't be otherwise, given the great effort with which it was studied and created. 

Winny is entirely handmade in resin and fiberglass, painted with an airbrush, and its details are finished with a brush to make each piece one of a kind.

Utility, pose, beauty and detail are just some of Winny's countless features.

What are you waiting for?

Password: #SuperWinny.

Material :
70% polyresin
30% fibreglass

Dimensions :
Height: 72cm
Width: 42cm
Depth: 35 cm