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Walt Disney lovers, we present Maleficent!
Logically we refer to the cartoon, where Maleficent, at the mercy of jealousy, curses Princess Aurora. Maleficent symbolized a strong character, but at the same time very fragile, simply for the fact of being "different".
We loved and admired Maleficent and her faithful friend Diablo and we couldn't help but recreate them. At your disposal on a Canvas canvas with a fir frame made entirely by hand, this work is absolutely perfect in every detail. Suitable for your favorite environments, this painting will undoubtedly make a great impression!

NB: The Maleficent Canvas are works of art and as such are not intended to be reproductions of any commercial brand, they undermine their value on the market, they represent logos, brands or shapes, reported therein, as they are extemporaneous works of art.

Cut: 50x70 cm