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Have you ever wondered what's hidden under a Kaws? Well we did and we created him, the answer to our questions.

Yes, we admit it, we at Bravely are as curious as they are particular, but this time too we did our best to pay homage to a very famous subject of contemporary art.

We have recreated this tribute to Kaws on two 100% handmade American Maple Skateboard decks, thus making this fantastic subject even more extravagant and particular.

Are you looking for something truly unusual? The solution is here in front of you!

Suitable for any environment you prefer, Kaws will be able to give that particularity that will surely make the difference.

Each board has our Bravely brand engraved on the back, because yes, it's not just a Skateboard, it's our Skateboard!

NB: The Kaws Skateboards are works of art and as such are not intended to be a reproduction of any commercial brand, nor do they affect the value on the market, nor do they represent logos, brands or shapes, reported therein, as they are extemporaneous works of art.

100% American Maple

Single Skateboard Size:
Height: 80cm
Width: 20cm
Thickness: 3 cm

Total Dimensions:
Height: 80cm
Width: 40cm
Thickness: 3cm

You will get a set of 2 skateboards and 2 wall mounts (1 per board)