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Inspired by the Kaws we created Jersey, the perfect butler for the perfect enthusiast.

Completely handmade, we are truly proud to have created this amazing tribute. This is the right article for anyone who wants a particular and captivating butler, but above all one of a kind.
The details of Jersey are certainly its strong point, starting from the iconic 'X' on the face, hands and shoes, up to its unmistakable "ears".
Furthermore, it is not only fantastic but also useful, the tray it comes with makes this cute little guy very versatile in your environments.
Colored entirely by hand with brush and airbrush, designed for both internal and external environments.
This particular "butler" will only complete your collection, you can't miss it!

What are you waiting for? Availability is limited!

NB: The Jerseys are works of art and as such are not intended to be a reproduction of any commercial brand, they undermine their value on the market, they represent logos, brands or shapes, therein indications, as they are extemporaneous works of art.

70% polyresin
30% fibreglass

Height: 78cm
Width: 42cm
Depth: 35 cm