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We at Bravely are never banal, our aim is to offer you works that are out of the ordinary and this time too we succeeded...
Introducing Iron Man Wood Gold in all its magnificence. We recreated the iconic superhero mask, managing to give it a fantastic wood effect look.
We all know Iron Man, the iconic superhero is a symbol of strength, loyalty but above all tenacity and it is for these reasons that we decided to recreate him.
Nothing has been left to chance, the hand-painted mask with its gold details and the fir frame make this painting absolutely fantastic, extravagant and unusual just like our hero.
Suitable for highlighting any type of environment, Iron Man Wood Gold will certainly make all your guests notice it.

If you are looking for a particular and absolutely unique painting, we can only tell you that you have found it!

What to expect?

Limited availability!

Mask Material:
PLA eco-sustainable material

Frame Material:
Fir wood