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Joker: "Why So Serious?"
You guessed it, we're talking about Gotham City's most feared supervillain. His fascinating madness has made this iconic character the most famous villain the world has ever seen. Here's THE JOKER!
Completely handmade, this work represents THE JOKER in all his magnificence, highlighted even more by a silver-plated fir wood frame. Everything has been studied in depth and down to the smallest detail, giving the perfect style to the perfect super villain of Gotham City.
This work cannot be missing from your collection, suitable for any environment. THE JOKER will absolutely not go unnoticed and will be able to give that touch of extravagance that distinguishes it.
We at Bravely are proud of the work done and we are sure that you will appreciate this fantastic tribute too.

What are you waiting for? Availability is limited!

Mask Material:
PLA eco-sustainable material

Frame Material:
Fir wood in Antique Silver colour