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Cit: “Cruella De Vil Cruella de Vil would scare even a lion. Just seeing her makes you die of apprehension Cruella Cruella De Vil"

Then we would have all sung this song from the Disney world a million times! Determined, determined, confident and with a great sense of fashion, Cruella would at all costs want to create a fur coat with the famous 101 Dalmatians... The rest is history!
We admired her for her strong character and style... Let's be honest, could we not have had her?
Recreated on a Canvas canvas with a handmade fir frame, this fantastic work will be perfect for decorating your rooms, giving it an eye-catching and unmistakable style.

NB: The Cruella De Vil Canvas are works of art and as such are not intended to be reproductions of any commercial brand, they undermine their value on the market, they represent logos, brands or shapes, reported therein, as they are extemporaneous works of art .

Cut: 50x70 cm