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You are ready? Drum roll… Here you are Brick!!
Brick speaks for itself, the best works of art on the market come together to create perfection in a single design object.
Our goal is to think outside the box and Brick is the result, this magnificent tribute to Kaws, Bearbrick and Supreme is the answer for those who want to complete their collections and make them even more extravagant.
Made completely by hand in resin and fibreglass, Brick has the task of making your environments unusual and extravagant and we assure you that it will succeed greatly, creating the amazement of friends and relatives.
Completely hand painted with the airbrush and details made with the brush, ideal for internal and external environments.
We are proud of Brick and what are you waiting for? Availability is limited!

NB: The Bricks are works of art and as such are not intended to be a reproduction of any commercial brand, nor do they affect the value on the market, nor do they represent logos, brands or shapes, or indications therein, as they are extemporaneous works of art.

70% polyresin
30% fibreglass

Height: 72cm
Width: 42cm
Depth: 35 cm