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Ladies and gentlemen we are pleased to introduce you to the hero of the night, the champion of Gotham City, here's Batman!
Let's be honest, the photos would be enough and not to give any description... This Batman is really cool! But since you love our descriptions, this time too we will satisfy you...
Nicknamed "the Batman" or "the Dark Knight" Batman is a true institution in the world of superheroes, for us the best. Synonymous with strength, courage and cunning capable of facing the worst enemies that roam the streets of Gotham.
Entirely handmade, this work depicts Batman down to the smallest detail, every detail has been perfectly finished giving it a feeling of realism. Our craftsmen worked obsessively, creating a fantastic midnight blue "skin" effect all over the superhero mask.
Perfect for any environment you prefer, Batman will be able to create amazement in all your guests, guaranteeing the perfect combination of uniqueness and particularity!

Batman: “As always, the answer is somewhere in the details”

Mask Material:
Eco-sustainable PLA

Frame material:
Black fir wood